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2023 Week 36

Notes, thoughts and observations - Compiled weekly

More bad news for residential real estate; profitability in focus; national debt balloons; weird energy ideas in UK and sticky gas prices; platform consolidation; econ cycle nears end, what’s next;

The residential real estate market continues to suffer from perceived higher interest rates. Historically not above average, but relatively higher given the long low/no interest rates of recent memory. Housing supply continues to prop up prices which means home sales will certainly slow.

As fundraising and investment has become harder to find companies are now focused on improving profitability. AI companies are not alone, and the once hot tech sector is in the same boat raising prices and cutting costs. This will put pressure on SaaS contracts and employment and belt tightening continues.

The US debt continues to climb and will become prohibitive at some point due to higher interest rates. Meanwhile the UK mulls the idea of natural gas-powered heat pumps which is a weird idea given the Russian embargo and supply shortages. Oil supply tightening will continue to keep fuel prices high

Finally, streaming platforms continue to consolidate as Comcast looks for an exit on Hulu. It is worth noting that Comcast and Disney are still fighting over broadcasting contracts. And is the cycle nearly done? Whether you believe the economy was in recession the historical indicators say we’re nearing the end.


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