“I am in search of nothing but an unfair advantage. To exploit the design or intention of a physical system which renders the impossible to be possible, if only for a moment, the right moment.” - Mark Donohue The Unfair Advantage

What Is this Site About?

Four topics:

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  • Remote Work - Advice, tips, and article about remote work (as an employee)
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My name is Brian Austin and I’m a software engineer building products and services for smaller companies. Econ and the tech industry is my hobby, not investment advice.

I’ve always had one foot in the tech world and the other in business. If the Internet unites the tech world, econ ties business together in the same fashion. The economy is global.

This site features weekly business notes updates, for more analysis and water cooler chit-chat subscribe to my feed at World.Hey

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Here’s a resume and several projects and companies:

Emporos Systems


You can also connect with me via LinkedIn if you have an interesting opportunity or would like to work together.