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2023 Week 37

Notes, thoughts and observations - Compiled weekly

First the bad news: Real Estate continues to trouble everyone, but a couple of things to point out. The number of delinquencies and foreclosures isn’t high which is good. Add to this more loans are locked in below 6%, far better than 2013. Over time this will shift as folks move.

Unfortunately inflation is sticking around. Concern about energy prices driving further inflation as it increases costs throughout the value chain. Likewise job losses are continuing to spill over into non-tech areas specifically finance ,both Citi and Truist.

But again on the brighter side worker shortages will buoy the labor market for years. 47% of Gen Zs were interested in pursuing a career in a trade. It might mean fewer office workers, but more plumbers, electricians, etc.

Finally a bit of good news as McDonald’s announced it was getting rid of self-serve soda machines citing less dining room traffic and more mobile orders. This is probably a godsend for service workers but also a rising trend in order ahead, customer prepayment merchant solutions. We saw this technology blossom during the pandemic and it’s confirmed to be a long term trend


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