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Remote Work Setup

Officially remote first for a week, in reality my employer has crushed it since March 2020. More recently I joined standing desk nation. Never going back!

Several weeks in and I’m standing about 80% of the time.


A couple of key features:

  • “Bar Height” table (link TBD)
    • Perfect height for me
    • Solid hardwood table top
  • Metal “bar height” stools
    • Good for sitting, great for leaning
  • Power strip
  • ThinkPad docking station
  • Craft cutting pad as a mouse pad
  • HD Logitech webcam
  • Over the ear headphones w/ mic

To Do

  • Cable management (mix of)
    • Reusable velcro straps
    • Wire ties and wire tie pads
  • Monitor arms
    • Not a major priority