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Smart People Quit, They Don't Give Up - A Software Development Story

In his 2007 book “The Dip” Seth Godin writes that “Smart people quit all the time..” what they don’t do is give up on a strategy. The idea is that while you pursue a worthy goal (strategy), you need to remain flexible in your approach (tactics).

Though the book is primarily targeted at entrepreneurs, it contains a lot of wisdom about the journey from mediocrity to excellence. The Dip is a perfect metaphor for everything from your career to individual problems you may tackle.

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Daily Stoic - Podcast

For centuries, all sorts of people—generals and politicians, athletes and coaches, writers and leaders—have looked to the teachings of Stoicism to help guide their lives. Each day, author and speaker Ryan Holiday brings you a new lesson about life, inspired by the thoughts and writings of great Stoic thinkers like Marcus Aurelius and Seneca the Younger. Daily Stoic Podcast also features Q+As with listeners and interviews with notable figures from sports, academia, politics, and more. Learn more at DailyStoic.com.

Link :: https://wondery.com/shows/the-daily-stoic/

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