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2023 Week 44

Notes, thoughts and observations - Compiled weekly

A major theme over the past few weeks has been the unwinding of the cheap debt economy. Experts predict this will lead to increased bankruptcies, failed start-ups and zombie companies. WeWork made it official by filing for Chapter 11 this week, while many companies are looking at a “Maturity wall” in 2025 and will need to rollover five-year loans into higher interest rates.

Despite current exuberance for a soft landing, indicators of the dismal science point toward falling demand means softening consumer activity. Homeowners are locked into mortgages with the golden handcuffs of low interest rates. Automotive retailers also report a failing demand for EVs as the vehicles pile up on lots.

Though GDP expanded at an 4.9% annualized rate economist still think that there is trouble ahead. The yield curve remains inverted and an under investment in traditional fuel sources likely mean lower supply and higher prices in the future.

Large amount of money is going into energy efficiency

Large amount of money is going into energy efficiency


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