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2024 Week 5

Notes, thoughts and observations - Compiled weekly

Fall out from Biogen’s failed Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm will hurt more than the company. The big loser is the reputation of the FDA.

Strategic thinkers are considering a potential collapse in global maritime shipping. To date shipping has remained operational, but mostly due to ‘ghost fleets’ via China, Russia and India. The great unknown is what happens to insured ships that are inevitably attacked.

Residential housing is not very affordable, but a recent trend in kids moving back in with parents possibly has multiple underlying reasons.

Meanwhile GM dealers are begging the manufacturer for hybrid vehicles instead of full EVs. Dealers claim that buyer are looking for a middle ground between ICE and EVs. Despite the feedback, GM CEO Mary Barra is doubling down on EV.

Evergrande finally goes out of business, or not. The Chinese company was ordered to liquidate by a Hong Kong court. What comes next will be either a bad situation for Chinese savings or for Hong Kong’s authority.

Consumers are running out of steam with nearly 30% of Americans behind on payments. “Buy now pay later” is soaring as wages fail to keep up with inflation for lower wage earners.

Layoffs continue with fresh announcements from Deutsche Bank and Zoom and job losses continue to bleed over from tech into other sectors. Despite a large number of layoffs, unemployment continues to remain at record low as the labor market is still in imbalance.


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