“I am in search of nothing but an unfair advantage. To exploit the design or intention of a physical system which renders the impossible to be possible, if only for a moment, the right moment.”
- Mark Donohue, The Unfair Advantage

Who Am I?

A builder of software, primarily RESTful web services in the cloud.

What Do I Do?

I fill the role of a software architect, designer, coder, mentor, and thought leader for a group of developers at a small technology provider in Charlotte, NC.

What's a Software Architect?

In my own words:

A people-oriented, software expert responsible for understanding strategic goals, making high-level design choices, determining technical standards, and ensuring that decisions are communicated, understood, and, ultimately implemented.

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So What's My Story?

I've been building software most of my life, so I wrote a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek tale of my adventures.

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Who Am I?

Software Architect building RESTful web services in the cloud, and a guy who writes for CloudShock.io

Where Can You Find Me?