Software Architect

A people-oriented, software expert responsible for understanding strategic goals, making high-level design choices, determining technical standards, and ensuring that decisions are communicated, understood, and, ultimately implemented.

An architect is a technical driving force, focused on the delivery of tangible results while also mentoring, coaching and directing the day-to-day activities of other team members. A successful architect manages the quality of the team through both internal development, and the identification of outside resources and new team members.


  • Technical leader on projects with the authority to make technical decisions
  • Understands and guides developers through the software development process and life cycle
  • Understanding of the business domain and assists in defining product requirements with stakeholders
  • Applies design patterns, and makes architectural recommendations to accelerate development and avoid or reduce technical debt
  • Experience with multiple high level languages and implementation frameworks
  • Effective language skills: speaking, writing, and presentation abilities to communicate with stakeholders
  • Ability to make decisions in an environment of imperfect information, tight time frames and pressure to deliver results
  • Awareness of organizational politics to ensure communication with the right stakeholders at the right time
  • Negotiation skills to minimize architectural risk and determine mutually-agreeable requirements
  • Advocate for non-functional requirements to ensure success, performance, scalability, security and maintainability

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