My Story

I am a web service expert, seasoned cloud developer and software architect focused on building cloud native applications for small to medium sized businesses.

I’m a graduate of University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a degree in Management Information Systems. I began coding early in life by transcribing BASIC code from 3-2-1 Contact magazine into an IBM luggable, and later building chatbots in mIRC to both impress and annoy my friends. In later years I spent my time building websites for friends and family that worked in both Netscape and Internet Explorer.

These days I’m focused on building RESTful microservices in the cloud, primarily in Java and .Net. I’ve also worked with serverkess AWS Lambda functions in Node.Js, Android studio and constructed several CI/CD pipelines for our team. When not coding I spend my time mentoring developers, managing projects and doing whatever else needs to be done on our small dev team.

I participate in several communities to network with other developers, discuss tech and techniques, and to maybe answer a few questions. I can be found on Twitter, Charlotte Devs, Dev.To.

Who Am I?

Software Architect building RESTful web services in the cloud, and a guy who writes for

Where Can You Find Me?